Lunch Breaks is back!

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The Lunch Breaks duo is back at CG Magazine, and this week, James and I play some Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition in preparation for this year’s Ultra Street Fighter 4 release. We talk about fighting games, more fighting games, and … Rocket Raccoon?


Official trailer for Aliens: Isolation released

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No more first-person shooting nonsense, no more Colonial Marines.

The new take for the upcoming Aliens: Isolation is based on survival, and rightfully so. It’s unfortunate that its taken this long for someone to go, ‘oh yeah, this is what Aliens is about,’ but nevertheless the theme for this game is finally what it’s supposed to be.

That part we know has been corrected since Colonial Marines. The trailer shows off some tension-building moments with Ripley’s daughter roaming an abandoned spaceship, presumably by herself, as someone explains in the background that her mother is possibly still alive.

Aliens: Colonial Marines Developed by Gearbox Software Published by Sega

Aliens: Colonial Marines
Developed by Gearbox Software
Published by Sega

Despite the promising trailer’s ability to at times captures that abandoned, fighting for survival tone, which to its credit already does better than Colonial Marines did, it’s hard to forget how we were initially fooled by that game’s reveal. We saw some tension building moments there as well that were basically absent in the actual game, the graphics were way more polished in the preview than it was in the final product, and the actual aliens themselves were hyped up to be these stealthy, highly dangerous hunters. They actually turned out to be bullet magnets that had nothing better to do than run into on coming fire. Every. Single. Time.

However, we should try to move on, bury those awful memories – difficult I know – and give Sega a second chance. To come out with an Aliens game with Colonial Marines still fresh in many people’s minds is a bold move, and you’d like to think this is being done because they knew that game was, for a lack of a better word, horrendous, and want to finally deliver on a solid Aliens game that does the source material justice.

Check out the trailer below. What do you think?

Lunch Breaks, Dec. 13

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This is the last Lunch Breaks episode James and I did at CG Magazine. We were experimenting with live stream  capabilities and other recording methods, and unfortunately the audio quality – usually on my mic – is a bit poor at times. Sorry about that. You can still witness the struggles James and I endured while playing Grand Turismo 6 after a mouthful of habanero peppers. Those were real peppers by the way, and the pain was equally real.

Big shout out to Scott Dixon and Jo Enaje, both are members of the CG Magazine crew, and helped us every week with these videos. It was a helluva fun time.


Lunch Breaks, Nov. 8

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Tune in till the end to find out what we are giving away this week! More details at…

James and I dive into Zone of the Enders HD, and talk about mech games in preperation for Titanfall.

Also, last weeks contest winner is revealed. Lucky winner Sarah Grace will be taking home some awesome Batman swag!