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Photos from the first annual Saskatoon Comic & Entertainment Expo.

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Apologies for the lack of microphones or intros. I just wanted to catch some of Su’s thoughts on video, but you can check out a much more extensive Q&A with Su here.

I also wrote a story about the the comic book culture in Saskatchewan, a theme that directly ties into the expo.

The entire weekend was a blast. The expo is certainly something I’ll be attending next year.


I got paid to write about Spider-Man! Weeee!

CG Magazine

This is a little late – I’ve been extremely busy the past few weeks with, well I guess the shortest way to put it is life, I’ll explain in greater detail in another post, nothing bad I assure you – but if you’re looking to read some interesting stuff on the go about comics and video games, check out CG Magazine’s digital issue for this month.

I had the opportunity to write about Spider-Man, specifically how stories surrounding the web slinger for the past few years were growing a little stale, that is until the recent Superior Spider-Man series written by Dan Slott rejuvenated this iconic character.

I spoke to Cameron Stannard, a huge Spider-Man fan and the manager of the Silver Snail in Toronto, who shared his feelings regarding Dan Slott, the Superior series, and older Spidey stories that were contributing to the character’s downfall.

Marvel’s Lovebirds – Carnage and Shriek

Marvel's Lovebirds

These two love killing more than they love each other.

One is a former serial-killer bonded to an alien costume that enhances his lust for destruction. The other is a former drug-dealer who spent time in Cloak’s dark dimension, then turned insane, and mysteriously developed super powers that allowed her to turn people around her into an angry mob. Cletus Cassidy and Frances Barrison ladies and gentleman, a match made in heaven.

Their time together is often short-lived, but when they join forces, no one in New York City is safe. No one. Their initial encounter was at Ravencroft, a maximum security institution devoted to the study and incarceration of the criminally insane.  When Cassidy escapes by allowing the symbiote hidden within his blood stream to take over his body, he runs into Barrison, who cheers him on as he slaughters everyone in his path. The two discuss their love for chaos, realize they’re the perfect match, and upon this discovery, Carnage and Shriek begin to paint the town red one innocent bystander at a time. It even forced Venom and Spider-Man to join forces in order to stop them.

Carnage meets Shriek for the first time at Ravencroft | Maximum Carnage Part 1, Spider-Man Unlimited

Carnage meets Shriek for the first time at Ravencroft | Maximum Carnage Part 1, Spider-Man Unlimited, 1993

After nearly being defeated by Venom and Firestar, Shriek steps in and slaps him back to reality | Maximum Carnage, Part 8

After nearly being defeated by Venom and Firestar, Shriek steps in and slaps him back to reality | Maximum Carnage, Part 8

Even years after their separation – Spider-Man, Venom, alongside Captain America and a handful of other heroes did manage to put an end to the mindless slaughtering of New York – Carnage and Shriek managed to pick up right where they left off.

When personal computer manufacturer Michael Hall revives the alien symbiote to create a new breed organic prosthetic limbs, his plan becomes a nightmare, as a tiny portion of the living organism escapes and once again bonds with an incarcerated Cassidy. In the meantime, Shriek is being transported to another prison, but with the help of her inter-dimensional  pet doppelganger – who was also a member of the their kill-squad years ago in New York City – she escapes, and reunites with her rock-star.

Carnage and Shriek reunite after the two escape from incarceration. Again. | Carnage, Family Feud Part 4, 2011

Carnage and Shriek reunite after the two escape incarceration, again. | Carnage, Family Feud Part 4, 2011

Shriek slipped into a coma after battling Spider-Man and Iron Man, while Carange managed to once again slip through everybody’s fingers. There’s no doubt though that if these two lovebirds get together again, their love for killing combined with their bizarre love for each other, will always amount to a crazy, craaazy display of chaos.

Marvel’s Lovebirds – Peter Parker (Doctor Octopus) and Anna Maria

Marvel's Lovebirds

Following Doctor Octopus’ successful mind swap with Peter Parker, the former member of the Sinister Six set out to establish a legacy superior to the one of Peter Parker’s Spider-Man.


Mary Jane Watson, the woman Parker loved a great deal, is not the one we see the superior web-slinger fall in love with. The former super-villain’s friendship with tutor Anna Maria quickly develops into something extraordinary. As a result the man we once knew as a criminal, a man the world rejected, was suddenly giving his heart to the brilliant scientist and established gourmet chef. Mary Jane was mathematically deemed a distraction to Ock’s quest as Spider-Man,  and therefore shut out of “Parker’s” life.

Despite being on the receiving of ridicule on a regular basis due to her size, Doc Ock made nothing of her appearance, seeing only beauty, and inspiration. Though unaware of the fact the he’s the Superior Spider-Man, she’s under the impression that Parker works closely with the wall-crawler, and helps him build most of his equipment. Anna highly admires his intelligence, and strong initiative to get things done, despite any obstacles that stand in his way.

Version 2

Superior Spider-Man 15, 2013
Maria reveals to Peter that she stole his phone before a meeting with the school chancellor.

With the return of the real Peter Parker no longer a matter of if, but a matter of when, the relationship between Doc Ock and Anna Maria will arguably be the most interesting aspect of Spider-Man moving forward.