Entry #19, April 22

Eleanor's Blog



It’s been an interesting couple of days.

Not only have I been gazing out the open window more frequently – gosh it’s so nice out now – but on recent trips to my home away from home, I avoided being placed in a box, and instead forced Tree One to carry me out. I felt the wind through my hair and everything. It was exhilarating.

The outside world is such a strange place. For the first time ever, I didn’t have the guts to misbehave, scratch and bite. I was actually a little scared. I’m sure Tree One noticed from the claws I was digging into her shoulder as she carried me out of our pen. The smells, the noises, it was a rush of multiple sensations that tugged at my curiosity. Perhaps one day I will be brave enough to leap out of the Tree’s grasp and explore the outside world, until then however, I will continue to enjoy the luxuries I have now. As strange as it may be at times, the bond I have with Tree One and Two is something I’m glad I can exploit, and I would have a hard time leaving them even if I could. They still put up with my scummy behaviour, which is no-less hysterical to this day with their arm-waving and occasional screaming.

They still give me food, and despite their preposterous feeding methods, they keep me alive, and cuddle me when I feel like it. Sometimes they don’t get it when I want to be left alone, in which case I bite them extremely hard. Sometimes I feel like their just testing my patience because they happily frustrate me with loud noises or annoying pats on the head until I lunge at them. I really like these Trees.

These brief moments of exposure over the past several days have really opened my eyes however. I know I am still young, but I’ve already seen so much, and I look forward to learning more. I hope Tree One and Two go on more adventures and take me with them. I would even consider behaving while being outside, because it feels like the outside world is really big, and I wouldn’t want to get lost or abandoned.

It’s time to play with some socks now.