Entry #18, March 31

Eleanor's Blog


I may have gone too far, and scratched Tree One across the eye.

I may also feel bad about it.

It was a complete accident, and even if it wasn’t it’s not my fault. I think she’s forgiven me though, because she’s back to patting me on the head and loving me even when I bite cables and scratch walls.

It seems to be a pattern now. My workout. Eat, sleep, wake up, be cuddly, then to finish the day off I scratch walls and bite cables.

I love it. The Trees have for the most part accepted this routine, but they occasionally show their distaste for my actions with the spray bottle. If the spray bottle isn’t available they turn to arm waving and yelling, which is hilarious to watch by the way so I welcome these situations with open arms.

I do realize I go too far sometimes, proven by the scar currently under Tree One’s eye.

But then we just move on from little incidents like that because I’m adorable and nothing can actually stop me.