Marvel’s Lovebirds – Elizabeth Ross and The Hulk

Marvel's Lovebirds

Despite the anger issues that have largely consumed the life of the Jolly Green Giant, true love has entered his existence in the form of Elizabeth Ross, the daughter of Air Force General Thaddeus Ross.

The two lovebirds developed a strong attraction for each other after they began working on a top secret Gamma Bomb project in New Mexico. Of course, this project was controlled by Thaddeus, who disliked the fact that a quiet, lanky scientist was falling in love with his daughter. Upon Banner’s exposure to the gamma rays – you know, super hero origin stuff – Betty stuck by his side and supported him in any way she could.


Her affection for Banner was evident and wedding bells were soon to be heard. Surprisingly enough, Betty’s father even provided his blessings. Combine that with the fact that Banner found a way to keep his Hulk persona at bay, things were looking extremely good for the young couple. However, hijinx ensued shortly after. It always does when super heroes and weddings are involved.

An old foe of Banner’s known as The Leader created a machine that had the ability to revert Banner back to his savage Hulk state. He used it on him during the couple’s first shot at a wedding. He then also let loose a stupid villain called the Rhino, who lost against the Hulk in an earlier fight, in hopes of him actually eliminating the Hulk for good.

The Incredible Hulk, 124 | 1970

The Incredible Hulk #124 | 1970

The Hulk defeated Rhino, but only after destroying everything around him and succumbing to the beast inside. Thaddeus got hit in the head too by falling debris. Understandably, Betty was devastated, but things just got worse.


Thaddeus’ security chief Glen Talbot became Betty’s rebound guy after Banner fell in love with Jarella, a queen from the sub-atomic world of K’ai. Jarella placed a spell on the Hulk that allowed the Banner personality to rise up and once again take control. Jarella accepted the Hulk for who he was. The two were in love, but Jarella unfortunately died while trying to save a boy from being crushed under a falling building.

hulk sad

Meanwhile, Talbot embarked on rescue mission to save Thaddeus who had been captured by the Gremlin, also known as Titanium Man. It was incorrectly reported that Talbot had died in the rescue. Betty had a nervous breakdown as a result, but the bad news didn’t stop there, as she was kidnapped by that scumbag of an organization known as A.I.M and was infused with an unholy amount of gamma radiation that turned her into the monster known as Harpy. Following several battles with the Hulk, Betty was eventually cured of her Harpyness.




The lovebirds tried to get married again, but their wedding was interrupted by Betty’s silly father who showed up with a gun and started terrorizing the place. Banner kept his cool and it was Betty this time, who handled the situation, telling her father how he’s controlled her for most of her life and that it was time for him to not be an idiot. Thaddeus complied, the wedding proceeded and they lived happily ever …


Being in close contact with someone who has a butt load of gamma radiation surging through their body is bad for you. Betty discovered the poisoning was taking its toll, so Banner invented a cure using his own blood. The Hulk’s ultimate nemesis, the Abomination, sneakily swapped Banner’s blood sample with his own before the transfusion. Betty’s condition worsened and soon after, she died.

hulk sad


Following a complicated series of revitalizations, Betty returned as the mysterious Red She-Hulk. Her true identity wasn’t revealed until a sword pierced her body in the midst of a large-scale battle in New York between several characters closely tied to the Hulk, one of whom was Hulk’s son, Skaar. She unwillingly transformed back into Red She-Hulk before the wounds proved fatal and therefore healed herself in no time.

Hulk and Betty now share a complicated relationship, one that is largely occupied by the fact that both Banner and Betty now have a monstrous half residing within them. Trying to balance their power and responsibilities with their personal lives has proven difficult for the two. Though marriage doesn’t seem to be an option for them anymore, Betty Ross and Bruce Banner continue to be there for each other despite the overwhelming power they struggle to control.

Incredible Hulk #609 | 2009

Incredible Hulk #609 | 2009


Marvel’s Lovebirds – Shiklah and Deadpool

Marvel's Lovebirds

Okay Deadpool, what’s going on here? You and Death were so perfect for each other!

||The mission||

One day, Dracula decided to hire someone to bring Shiklah, Queen of the Undead, to him so he could marry her and unite his faction with her underground monsters. You see, before humans came to be, Shiklah and her family ruled over the monster world. This ticked off the neighbouring vampires who sought to dominate them, and so, a war ensued that lasted centuries. The monster family got overwhelmed and as a result, Shiklah’s father sealed her away in a coffin until the war ended, or until someone took her hand in marriage. Mmmkay that’s quite extreme.

Anyway, Dracula decided he would be the one to marry Shiklah. So, who do you call when you need to retrieve a several thousand-or-more-year-old coffin containing the Queen of the Undead? DEADPOOOOL!

In a timely matter, Deadpool travelled to Arabian Peninsula and retrieved the coffin before a faction of teleporting vampires – mmkay that is quite extreme – managed to destroy it.

||The magic starts||

The Merc with a Mouth brought the coffin to Greece and got into a fight with the Minotaur, a weird creature that rears its head in the Marvel Universe from time to time. This however, resulted in the coffin shattering in mid-battle, awaking Shiklah and her pet, Bug.

The Queen then decided to repay Deadpool’s heroic service by kissing him and absorbing his life force. Deadpool died and joined Death in lovebird heaven where they lived happily ever after.


Oh, okay.

Deadpool kisses Shiklah after defeating the Minotaur |  Deadpool: The Gauntlet #5

Deadpool kisses Shiklah after defeating the Minotaur | Deadpool: The Gauntlet #5

Well, after Deadpool failed to die, (he can heal himself ladies and gentlemen) Shiklah looked upon him with renewed interest, and together they hopped on a train to Paris. On the way, Blade the Vampire Hunter was like, “Nuh uh mister, you have to give her up because she’s a monster,” and Deadpool responded with, “but I dig that.” The two fought, and with the help of Shiklah, they defeated Blade.

The two then, sigh, start falling head over heels for each other. They take to the streets of Paris, visit museums, while Deadpool explains to her what a smartphone is, and even goes as far as saying he hasn’t enjoyed someone else’s company this much without killing a person. They discuss immortality, and Shiklah explains how difficult it is to watch loved ones around her age. Deadpool responds by saying he can’t die. He even gets jealous when she incapacitates an A.I.M agent by kissing him. She, however, loves the fact that he gets jealous, and becomes increasingly enamoured with him. They got married didn’t they?

||The wedding||

Gosh darn it. Yes, the two get married, resulting in one of the largest gatherings of super heroes and super villains, ever.

Deadpool gets married | Deadpool #27

Deadpool gets married | Deadpool #27

All right, Shiklah isn’t all that bad, but … but, Deadpool and Death were beautiful together. This is just temporary right? Like Ross marrying another woman here and there but ultimately discovering Rachel is his soul mate? Right? RIGHT?

Marvel’s Lovebirds – Mockingbird and Hawkeye

Marvel's Lovebirds

Orphan turned hothead Avenger sharpshooter, Clint Barton, and super-secret spy Mockingbird, have been to hell and back together. Literally.


|| The squabble before marriage ||

After exposing corrupt S.H.I.E.L.D agents for breakfast one morning, Mockingbird was hired by Nick Fury to investigate Cross Technological Enterprise (CTE). Meanwhile, Hawkeye, who was placed on the Avenger’s bench warmer list upon being temporarily replaced by Falcon, of course, found employment with CTE as its security director. The two clashed, fell head over heels for each other, and then teamed up to take down the criminal mastermind known as Crossfire, who turned out, was controlling the CTE to further his plans for EVIIILLLL. More specifically, he was trying to implement his plans within the agency, which involved brainwashing super heroes into killing each other. With the adrenaline running through them as if they had just taken down a criminal enterprise, Mockingbird and Hawkeye got married. When Barton was appointed head of the West Coast branch of the Avengers, Mockingbird became the team’s first new recruit. She played an integral part in developing the then up-and-coming super hero group, and helped hone Hawkeye’s occasional incendiary personality with her professionalism.

|| Taking it too far ||

During one of the Avengers’ time traveling adventures, which sent them back to 1876, Mockingbird was abducted, drugged and abused by the Phantom Rider, a vigilante who didn’t learn that great power, meant great responsibili  – yeaaaaah you get it, he was bad. After a failed attempt to make her his bride, the Rider fought Mockingbird to the edge of a cliff, but unfortunately, plunged to his death after the Avenger refused to save him. Soon after, the Rider’s ghost appeared at the Avenger’s Mansion – it happens – and told the super heroes Mockingbird was responsible for his death. Hawkeye, troubled by the thought his wife had allowed someone to die, decided the two should take a break.

Hawkeye confronts Mockingbird after he learns she was responsible for the Rider's death | West Coast Avengers #2, 1984

Hawkeye confronts Mockingbird after he learns she was responsible for the Rider’s death | West Coast Avengers #20, 1987

The break didn’t last long however, and the two were back together to save their teammate, the Vision, and shortly after, they even helped train the Great Lakes Avengers together.

|| The swap, and the death of an Avenger ||

An alien race known as the Skrull, known for their shape-shifting abilities and lust for conquest, kidnapped Mockingbird when she returned to the West Coast Avengers. The Skrull are really good at this, and therefore managed to avoided setting off any alarm bells with the Avengers. They replaced her with a Skrull duplicate, who acted out the part so well, she even sacrificed herself to save Hawkeye during one of the most dangerous missions the West Coast Avengers’ had ever embarked on; a trip to the demon Mephisto’s realm.

Mockingbird dies in Hawkeye's arms, after she takes a fireball to the back in Mephisto's realm | Avengers West Coast #100

Mockingbird dies in Hawkeye’s arms, after she takes a fireball to the back in Mephisto’s realm | Avengers West Coast #100, 1994

Three years later, during which Hawkeye became the leader of the Thunderbolts, an up-and-coming group of reformed villains, Hawkeye struggled to remain with the Avengers. That is until, he started to have some interest in Avenger Janet Van Dyne, also known as the Wasp. Their dallying romance didn’t last long, as Mockingbird suddenly returned one day after the Skrull invasion nearly succeeded, and reunited with Barton, who at this point traveled under the Ronin alias. The two founded the World Counter-terrorism Agency with defected S.H.I.E.L.D agents, because S.H.I.E.L.D is just too dicey for some people, and returned to the Avengers.

Marvel’s Lovebirds – Rogue and Gambit

Marvel's Lovebirds

Anna Marie and Remy LeBeau were latched on to a life of crime early on in their lives, until Professor Xavier welcomed the two youngsters onto the X-Men. When the two mutants finally met, it was practically love at first sight, until corruption consumed one of them.

Gambit, abandoned as a child because of his burning red eyes, was kidnapped from the hospital by the New Orleans Thieves’ Guild, who referred to him as the White Devil, the one who would unite the warring thieves guilds in the city. He quickly became a master thief, and soon took part in an arranged marriage organized between the Thieves’ Guild and their rivals, the Assassin’s Guild. Gambit and Bella Donna Boudreaux, the granddaughter of the head of the Assassin’s Guild, were on the verge of marriage, when Donna’s brother Julien objected and challenged Gambit to a duel. Gambit killed Julien in self-defense, but was then banished from New Orleans in an attempt to maintain the peace between the two guilds.

Rogue was raised by her Aunt Carrie after tragedy befell her parents, but she eventually ran away from home when she discovered the true nature of her powers, which included the ability to absorb the memories, abilities, personality, and outward physical characteristics of other beings through skin-to-skin contact. When the recipient of her first kiss fell into a permanent coma, she was taken in by Mystique and Destiny (Irene Adler), whom Rogue came to regard as her surrogate parents. Mystique, who was also a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants terrorist group, convinced Rogue to take part in their criminal activities. It was during her first assignment when she absorbed Ms. Marvel’s powers permanently, and gained the ability to fly and beat baddies to a pulp with her fists.

The two young mutants over time however, decided to start anew, and turned to the X-Men for help. Despite the obvious problem involving the inability to safely touch each other, they fell madly in love. Of course, their stubborn and competitive personalities resulted in frequent clashes.

Rogue gets a tad upset at Gambit who appears to be using his powers to get an upper hand during a pick up game of basketball | X-Men #13

Rogue gets a tad upset at Gambit who appears to be using his powers to get an upper hand during a pick up game of basketball | X-Men #13

Even when Mystique, disguised as a student, tried to seduce Rogue in an attempt to break up her relationship with Gambit, Rogue responded with an overwhelming no.

Unfortunately, Gambit joined the evil super mutant Apocalypse in hopes of saving all mutants in the face of inevitable annihilation, something he thought could only be prevented with the power offered to him by Apocalypse. Gambit became one of Apocalypse’s four Horsemen, and took on the identity of Death. Rogue wouldn’t believe the news, until Gambit actually attacked her during battle. Devastated by the path he choose, she painstakingly let go of him, and continues to fight the good fight with her family, the X-Men.

Gambit taking on his new form of Death | X-Men: Hellbound #2

Gambit taking on his new form of Death | X-Men: Hellbound #2

Marvel’s Lovebirds – Captain America and Sharon Carter

Marvel's Lovebirds

Though a bit of an odd couple, super soldier Steve Rogers and secret agent Sharon Carter have over time developed a very close yet complicated relationship that unfortunately, “sniff,” ended in tragedy.

Heroic freedom fighter Margaret “Peggy” Carter shared several adventures with Captain America during World War II – before he turned into a popsicle of course – and upon her return home from battle, she delivered many exciting stories to her niece. Exhilarated by the thought of fighting for one’s country, Sharon became an agent of the secret international spy agency S.H.I.E.L.D, and quickly climbed the ranks.


It was Sharon’s first assignment however that coincidentally placed her in Captain America’s sights, who initially had no idea who Sharon was despite her striking resemblance to Peggy. Hoping to retrieve a powerful explosive called Inferno-42 which had the potential to level Manhattan, Sharon – who was code-named Agent 13 at the time – had to get by the costumed mercenary called Batroc first, who worked for a group of evil scientists called THEM. (They would later become the much more dangerous group known as Advanced Idea Mechanics, you know, those people with the strange yellow bee keeper suits? Yeah them).

The two entered battle, but Captain America quickly came to her aid and discovered the woman who had caught her attention earlier was actually an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.  Together they defeated Batroc, retrieved the explosive, and saved the day. The two embarked on several adventures after that, during which time Cap only knew her as Agent 13. The feelings intensified between the two however, and as Sharon’s adventures with the Star-Spangled Avenger began to mirror Peggy’s stories, the thrill consumed her, emotions rised, and the two fell madly in love with each other. On a later mission to stomp out one of Red Skull‘s evil schemes, Sharon was given the go-ahead to reveal her secret identity to Captain America. This strengthened their bond, and the two lovebirds teamed up on multiple occasions after that to take on dangerous missions across the world.

Captain America #1, 2012

Captain America #1, 2012

Then things got complicated.

Years later, when the Superhuman Registration Act emerged requiring everyone with super powers to register with the government, Captain America said no thank you, and an underground movement spearheaded by the man out of time surfaced. His lover initially supported the act, and was even willing to hunt down the the leader of the Secret Avengers. That is until a clone of Thor, created by Mr. Fantastic and Tony Stark, brutally killed one of the rebels. She then packed her bags, and joined the rebellion, unknowingly being controlled from behind the scenes by a psychological warfare expert known as Doctor Faustus, an associate of Red Skull.

Sharon Carter bends over in shock as Captain America is seemingly killed | Captain America #25

Sharon Carter bends over in shock as Captain America is seemingly killed | Captain America #25

Soon after Captain America’s surrender, Sharon shot him three times while still under the control of the Red Skull’s partner in crime Doctor Faustus. After a series of twists and turns, mind controlling machines, and alternate timelines, Steve Rogers finally returned and was granted a presidential pardon for the events of the Superhuman Registration Act.

Realizing that their time together was precious, Sharon proposed to Steve, but before he could provide her with an answer he became stranded in Dimension Z, a barren world populated mostly by mutates and technological innovations. This twisted land created by genetic engineer Arnim Zola, was on the verge of dumping its dangerous inhabitants on to Earth through a portal. Sharon discovered a way to rescue Steve, but then had to make the most difficult decision of her life as she also found a way to stop the merging of the two worlds. To save Steve and prevent an alien army of Zola’s mutates from infecting our planet, Agent-13 detonated a device which broke the link between the two worlds, and as a result, perished in the ensuing explosion just as Captain America returned to Earth.


Marvel’s Lovebirds – Carnage and Shriek

Marvel's Lovebirds

These two love killing more than they love each other.

One is a former serial-killer bonded to an alien costume that enhances his lust for destruction. The other is a former drug-dealer who spent time in Cloak’s dark dimension, then turned insane, and mysteriously developed super powers that allowed her to turn people around her into an angry mob. Cletus Cassidy and Frances Barrison ladies and gentleman, a match made in heaven.

Their time together is often short-lived, but when they join forces, no one in New York City is safe. No one. Their initial encounter was at Ravencroft, a maximum security institution devoted to the study and incarceration of the criminally insane.  When Cassidy escapes by allowing the symbiote hidden within his blood stream to take over his body, he runs into Barrison, who cheers him on as he slaughters everyone in his path. The two discuss their love for chaos, realize they’re the perfect match, and upon this discovery, Carnage and Shriek begin to paint the town red one innocent bystander at a time. It even forced Venom and Spider-Man to join forces in order to stop them.

Carnage meets Shriek for the first time at Ravencroft | Maximum Carnage Part 1, Spider-Man Unlimited

Carnage meets Shriek for the first time at Ravencroft | Maximum Carnage Part 1, Spider-Man Unlimited, 1993

After nearly being defeated by Venom and Firestar, Shriek steps in and slaps him back to reality | Maximum Carnage, Part 8

After nearly being defeated by Venom and Firestar, Shriek steps in and slaps him back to reality | Maximum Carnage, Part 8

Even years after their separation – Spider-Man, Venom, alongside Captain America and a handful of other heroes did manage to put an end to the mindless slaughtering of New York – Carnage and Shriek managed to pick up right where they left off.

When personal computer manufacturer Michael Hall revives the alien symbiote to create a new breed organic prosthetic limbs, his plan becomes a nightmare, as a tiny portion of the living organism escapes and once again bonds with an incarcerated Cassidy. In the meantime, Shriek is being transported to another prison, but with the help of her inter-dimensional  pet doppelganger – who was also a member of the their kill-squad years ago in New York City – she escapes, and reunites with her rock-star.

Carnage and Shriek reunite after the two escape from incarceration. Again. | Carnage, Family Feud Part 4, 2011

Carnage and Shriek reunite after the two escape incarceration, again. | Carnage, Family Feud Part 4, 2011

Shriek slipped into a coma after battling Spider-Man and Iron Man, while Carange managed to once again slip through everybody’s fingers. There’s no doubt though that if these two lovebirds get together again, their love for killing combined with their bizarre love for each other, will always amount to a crazy, craaazy display of chaos.

Marvel’s Lovebirds (sorta) – Cloak and Dagger

Marvel's Lovebirds

Though not romantically involved, the two have nearly been inseparable since their initial encounter with each other as teenagers. For years, they’ve relied on each other’s powers to cope with their own, and as a result have developed one of the strongest relationships in the Marvel universe.

Tyrone Johnson was 17 years old, living in a poor South Boston neighbourhood, when he and his friend Billy witnessed a robbery. The criminals fled the scene, leaving Billy and Tyrone wrongly suspected of the crime by a police officer, who shot Billy dead. Terribly afraid and confused, Tyrone fled Boston, and made his way to New York City.

Spider-Island: Cloak and Dagger #1
Dagger discovers the two of them are on hero-for-hire advertisements

Penniless, hungry, and alone, Tyrone decided to steal a young woman’s purse. That was until someone robbed her first, which forced Tyrone to tackle the thief and return the purse to its rightful owner, Tandy Bowen. The two immediately became close friends.

When the naive Tandy was lured away by a couple of strange men one day, Tyrone followed her to ensure no harm came to her. Unfortunately for the both of them, the two teens were captured, and delivered to criminal chemist Simon Marshall,  who had been testing a new synthetic heroin on runaway teens. Somehow surviving the experiments, Tyrone and Tandy fled the dicey shelter, and discovered they had developed strange powers, which managed to link the two together. The young boy found himself engulfed in darkness,  with a strange, surfacing hunger that only managed to diminish in the presence of Tandy, who was glowing with a brilliant light.

Hiding his shadowy appearance in a makeshift cloak, Tyrone began absorbing Marshall’s thugs into his darkness while Tandy struck them down with daggers of light. This marked the emergence of Cloak and Dagger, who from that point on declared war on drug crime. Though their methods were ruthless during their initial stint at vigilantism, they developed into true super heroes who formed admirable relationships with local authorities, and in time, big name super heroes as well.

The inseparable duo have been threatened with separation on several occasions during their crime fighting days. From sympathetic Father Francis Delgado – the man who took them into the  Holy Ghost Church, providing them with a new sanctuary – who over time became romantically obsessed with Tandy, to the super-villain Carnage and his massive killing spree in New York, which nearly cost Dagger’s life, obstacles have been aplenty.

Web of Spider-Man (Maximum Carnage part 2 of 14) Cloak and Dagger rescue a seriously injured Spider-Man

Web of Spider-Man (Maximum Carnage part 2 of 14)
Cloak and Dagger rescue a seriously injured Spider-Man

Despite facing off against other dangerous foes like Doctor Doom, the Beyonder, Mephisto, Thanos, and many more, Cloak and Dagger continue to have one of the longest lasting, and strongest relationships in Marvel.

Feature image from: No-Sign-of-Sanity, DeviantArt

Marvel’s Lovebirds – Clea and Doctor Strange

Marvel's Lovebirds

The Master of Magic found his eventual lover after his initial confrontation with the demon Dormammu.

Stephen Vincent Strange, former neurosurgeon, and the primary protector of Earth against magical and mystical threats, set his sights on the Dark Dimension when Dormammu threatened to destroy Strange’s old mentor, the Ancient One, and enter the Earth realm.

Dormammu Art by: El-Tortuga (Andrew) deviantart

Art by: El-Tortuga (Andrew) deviantart

During the conflict, Clea, the niece of the demonic tyrant, watched from behind the scenes, observing the bravery Dr. Strange put on display. Simply entering the Dark Dimension is a move one would consider a fatal mistake. Dormammu was eventually defeated and forced to never enter Earth Realm again. Strange also made him swear to never harm Clea, who was the daughter of the demon’s sister Umar, and often exposed to harm when the two siblings were engaged in conflict.

Following the abduction of the Ancient One, who Dormammu used as a bargaining chip to reel in Dr. Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme was once again thrust into the Dark Dimension. This time, Clea assisted Dr. Strange by removing the barrier which contained the Mindless Ones – faceless, practically mindless creatures who can be summoned via magic to do the bidding of others –  and ordered them to wreak havoc within the Dark Dimension to keep Dormammu busy. Enraged by his eventual defeat at the hands of Doctor Strange, alongside his niece’s betrayal, Dormammu banished Clea from the Dark Dimension, and over time, she joined Dr. Strange on Earth.

Dr. Strange extended Clea’s knowledge of the mystical arts, and together they defended Earth against Dormammu and other villains on several occasions. Their love for each other flourished, despite Clea’s trouble at times adjusting to her new surroundings on Earth. Eventually, the two joined forces to lead a rebellion in the Dark Dimension against her mother, who had claimed royalty over the realm. The two lovebirds defeated Umar, and Clea claimed the throne. A short time into her reign, Dr. Strange and Clea were married in the Dark Dimension.

Clea and Dr.Strange talk about their relationship

Master of the Mystic Arts # 45
Clea and Dr.Strange talk about their relationship

Though the two have distanced themselves apart recently, mostly due to Clea’s duties within the Dark Dimension, their love was, and still is, undeniable. Clea, an entity who is as mysterious as the mystical arts Dr. Strange indulges in, is quite possibly the only woman for the Master of Magic.

Marvel’s Lovebirds – Invisible Woman and Mr. Fantastic

Marvel's Lovebirds

After being showered by cosmic rays during a mission in space, the vessel’s crew comprised of Ben Grimm, Reed Richards, Johnny and Susan Storm, developed extraordinary powers. As a result, they became the Fantastic Four.

Reed and Susan were already in love prior to their emergence as super heroes, but their initial encounters with Namor the Sub-Mariner and Dr. Doom proved to put their romance to the test early on in their super hero careers. Both men contended for Susan’s affections, but it was Namor – the King of Atlantis, who is fundamentally not a villain or super hero – who Susan actually felt somewhat attracted to, and would continue to maintain a respectable friendship with over time. Her love for Reed was too strong however, and shortly after that, Susan and Reed got married in New York, which turned out to be one of the biggest events of the century, as heroes from all over the world came together to witness the event. A few years later, they had two children named Franklin and Valeria.

The two lovebirds have faced a vast amount of obstacles over the course of their time together. Often alongside their teammates The Thing and the Human Torch, they have confronted an invasive alien race, a world eater, and even a civil war, which actually managed to not only separate the Fantastic Four, but threaten their marriage entirely.

After group of young superheroes, known as the New Warriors, botched an attempt to capture a group of super villains live on their reality TV show, the outcome was catastrophic. One of the villains used his explosive powers to obliterate several city blocks, including an elementary school. The explosion resulted in the death of over 600 civilians, 60 of whom were children. This pushed the Super Human Registration Act into fruition, and split the super hero community right down the middle, causing the civil war to begin. Mutants against the idea of being forced to register with the government, formed an underground rebellion spear-headed by Captain America, while Iron Man, who initially tried to bring the act to a halt, eventually lead the registration movement with Reed Richards by his side. Susan, who was agitated by the thought of putting former friends of theirs in prison, continued to support the pro-registration movement with her husband until a clone of Thor, created by Reed and Tony Stark, viciously killed Goliath, a member of the rebellion, and former friend of theirs. The Thor clone continued its rampage, nearly killing several rebels, until Susan stepped in and saved them all by creating a force field around them, blocking Thor’s onslaught of lightning attacks. She then defected, and left a note for her husband in the middle of the night, informing him that the children were at that point entirely in his care because she had decided to go underground and join the resistance. Her final heartfelt request was “Please fix this.” Her brother Johnny decided to join her as well.

In a desperate attempt to get help against the growing numbers of the pro-registration movement, Susan traveled to Atlantis in hopes of convincing Namor to join their cause. During her visit, she admitted she still had feelings for the underwater king, however they weren’t enough to allow Namor’s wooing to convince her to join him in bed, and as a result, he refused to help her.

During the final battle, as Susan was about to be shot by the super villain Taskmaster, Reed jumped in front of his wife, and took the brunt of the attack. He sustained a major injury, but managed to survive. Following the surrender of Captain America, Susan helped with the clean-up of New York, and was granted amnesty by the government, along with the several members of the rebellion, who at this point were known as the Secret Avengers.

Seeking to repair the damage done to their marriage as a result of the war, Sue and Reed took time off from the Fantastic Four. They asked Storm and the Black Panther to take their places, but eventually, they made their way back to the team, and to this day, continue to fight the forces of evil as the Fantastic Four.

Despite being a dysfunctional family – a couple with two children surrounded by super powered individuals constantly being threatened by some form of danger cannot be called a normal family – they have proven time and time again that love can overcome just about anything life has to throw at you.

Marvel’s Lovebirds – Deadpool and Death

Marvel's Lovebirds

Easily one of the most bizarre love stories in the Marvel universe, these two are the very definition of bittersweet. Wade Wilson, the former mercenary turned government operative, turned sumo wrestler, turned anti-hero, had a few relationships before falling in love with Death itself. To this day however, it is Death who still tugs at the heartstrings of the “Merc with a Mouth”.

After being rejected from the Weapon X program (a government genetic research facility in Canada that creates living weapons), Wilson was sent to a government facility where failed superhuman operatives were treated, and often tortured. Following a series of horrific experiments organized by the deranged Dr. Killebrew, Wilson was on the verge of death, and as a result, came in contact with the abstract entity, who looked upon the damaged mutant as a kindred spirit. Fueled by his new found love, and thirst for revenge, Wilson escaped the facility, took on the name of Deadpool and for the most part, embraced the role of a freelance mercenary.

Since their first encounter, Death and Deadpool have met on several occasions, only to have their meetings cut short due to Deadpool’s healing factor. Knowing she can never have his soul due to the fact that Deadpool cannot die, she continues to look upon the loud-mouth mercenary with great interest, and shares a serious romantic bond with him. On the flip side, Deadpool’s ongoing quest to find a way to remove his healing factor, in order to die and join Death, lingers on.

Comic page from Deadpool #50

Comic page from Deadpool #50, April 2012

Interestingly enough, Deadpool is not the only one madly in love with Death. The crazed titan known as Thanos, fell so hard in love with Death after their first meeting, that he pledged to destroy the universe in order to please her. Nearly all of his activities since then have been done in order to win her over. He is obviously not too pleased with the fact that Death is in love with Deadpool, and not him.

This is a short clip from the Deadpool game – which despite its shortcomings in the gameplay department, is still really fun and often hilarious – which shows Death and Deadpool sharing a dance after being reunited for a brief period of time. These two lovebirds are in it for the long run.

Deadpool (game)

Developed by: High Moon Studios

Produced by: Activision


Featured image by: AngryRabbitGmoD | Deviant Art