Entry #21, July 22

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I’ve been very distracted the past several weeks.

I appear to have been permanently relocated to the other pen I frequently visited last year, and now that I’m here, I’ve got lots to keep me distracted. Mr. No Claws, who delightedly likes to pretend he’s a tenacious little brute, is still here and clawless. I will never get over that, and I will never stop making fun of him for it. That brain dead dog is still here too, but she’s not as brain dead as before. Maybe it’s the hair cut she got. Makes her look skinnier too, which is a freakin’ miracle.

Yes, I am being mean, and if you thought that changed since the last time I wrote you’re hilariously mistaken. I will say this, I appreciate the dog’s willingness to let me sleep in her bed, because sleeping on that bed is like sleeping on a pile of cables. Don’t think too hard about that simile, I sure didn’t. The dog is conveniently stupid, she doesn’t bother me, we’re getting along, let’s move on.

I also found my little fuzz ball the other day – I lose it every hour, so it’s a fantastic little surprise when I re-find – and I realized something was amiss; Tree Number Two. He used to throw the ball, which I would then run after and bring back to him. It was a charming little game we played, and for the longest time now he’s no where to be seen. I occasionally play this game with Tree One, but it was nice having both of them around. I miss that fellow. Even when I scratched him to the point where he was leaking blood across the floor, he still patted me on the head and played with me.

I think I’m going to try and keep up with these entries more often. There’s much to be pointed out. It mostly revolves around Mr. No Claws, did I mention he has no claws? I can’t believe how lucky I am.


Entry #20, May 4

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Tree Two and I have been hanging out a lot more these past few days. Not sure where Tree One disappeared to, but I’m not worried, I’m sure she’ll be back shortly.

I make Tree Two play fetch with me pretty much all the time, and he doesn’t mind it when I don’t deliver the toy all the way to him. Well, he might not like it, but who cares about that. We play and it’s fun, that’s what matters.

I’m still reeling from the scheduled meals that are a part of my life now. I’ve tried to get around that by chasing the trees and biting them hard in the leg every time they leave the kitchen without feeding me. It definitely gets their attention, but rarely provides positive results. I’ll make them see the error in their ways, but hey, I’m not starving. That does count for a lot, so I can’t be too upset.

Tree Two takes these surprise attacks unusually well, and he’s actually been ready for them a lot recently. I have to increase the pain levels, or come up with a new idea altogether.


Entry #19, April 22

Eleanor's Blog



It’s been an interesting couple of days.

Not only have I been gazing out the open window more frequently – gosh it’s so nice out now – but on recent trips to my home away from home, I avoided being placed in a box, and instead forced Tree One to carry me out. I felt the wind through my hair and everything. It was exhilarating.

The outside world is such a strange place. For the first time ever, I didn’t have the guts to misbehave, scratch and bite. I was actually a little scared. I’m sure Tree One noticed from the claws I was digging into her shoulder as she carried me out of our pen. The smells, the noises, it was a rush of multiple sensations that tugged at my curiosity. Perhaps one day I will be brave enough to leap out of the Tree’s grasp and explore the outside world, until then however, I will continue to enjoy the luxuries I have now. As strange as it may be at times, the bond I have with Tree One and Two is something I’m glad I can exploit, and I would have a hard time leaving them even if I could. They still put up with my scummy behaviour, which is no-less hysterical to this day with their arm-waving and occasional screaming.

They still give me food, and despite their preposterous feeding methods, they keep me alive, and cuddle me when I feel like it. Sometimes they don’t get it when I want to be left alone, in which case I bite them extremely hard. Sometimes I feel like their just testing my patience because they happily frustrate me with loud noises or annoying pats on the head until I lunge at them. I really like these Trees.

These brief moments of exposure over the past several days have really opened my eyes however. I know I am still young, but I’ve already seen so much, and I look forward to learning more. I hope Tree One and Two go on more adventures and take me with them. I would even consider behaving while being outside, because it feels like the outside world is really big, and I wouldn’t want to get lost or abandoned.

It’s time to play with some socks now.