Entry #10, Jan. 6

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That wretched cone was finally taken off for good this morning.

I can finally clean my self properly and not feel like an atrocious piece of road kill, on top of the fact that I already felt like some quarantined hazard people looked at with suspicious eyes.

I’ve also made my way back to the smaller pen, where Tree Two lives. Seeing him during my stay at the Mr. No Claws’ house was nice, but it’s better knowing he’s around all the time. The urge to destroy and frustrate the two hasn’t hit me yet, but I don’t suppose that means I won’t go back to the old ways. I will. For a short while though, I’m going to be nice and just enjoy their company.

Bleh, it’s going to take some time getting used to the fact that I don’t have that stupid thing on my head. Sorry I’m still on that, maybe that’s why I won’t be bugging the Trees for a while, it’s because of this inner battle occurring within me due to the humiliation I endured for so long. Every time I start thinking about that contraption, I start licking myself frantically, like that will make the thoughts of running into walls and feeling dirty all the time go away.

Going to the V.E.T today wasn’t so bad when I realized what they were doing. The evil folk there decided to at last remove the stinging ¬†strings out of my stomach. When they did, I made sure they left the room with battle scars themselves. I went all out by the way, not like I do with Tree One and Two. I split them open good when they got close.

Upon my return here, I discovered a bizarre toy – which I assume is mine because no one else seems to use it – which has this, how should I put this, mesmerizing presence to it. I get one sniff of this thing and I’m in the refrigerator. It’s that good.



Entry #9, Dec. 28

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The V.E.T. was blessed with my presence yet again. I’m not going to happy for a few days, however I have managed to get it off already, only to have someone put it back on. I look like a fool, but surprisingly I feel … pretty good. Kind of woozy and numb, very relaxed most of the time. I don’t understand it, but it certainly compensates for this ridiculous contraption on my head.

I. Hate. The V.E.T.

But I do love whatever they gave me.

Entry #7, Dec. 19

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It’s been about a week now and we haven’t gone back to the smaller pen where Tree Two lives. I miss listening to his voice when he talks to me, despite the fact that I’m unable to reply. I wonder if he knows that? I miss biting him too. He takes it well, so it just means I have to bite him harder every other time, which is an inviting challenge. The next time I see him however, I will be nice for a full few hours, because I really miss that weird one.

I wonder what he’s doing? Is there another cat in his life perhaps? It’s evident Mr. No Claws was a member of Tree One’s family for a while now. He or she better not be cuter than me. What am I saying, look at the picture I just posted of me, it’s so cute. For anyone who happens to read this one day, I’m not that self-centred.

Where was I? Ah yes, the other cats in Tree Two’s life. They may not be cuter than me, but they might be wiser, and funnier, something Tree Two may really appreciate. I hope he hasn’t forgotten about me. Yikes, I here that aggravating dog again. Time to pretend I’m asleep, nowadays it seems to be the only way to avoid her, otherwise she constantly tries to befriend me. Why does she bother? She doesn’t seem very smart either. She sleeps on the ground next to her bed whenever I decide to sleep in it. Idiot.

Hope to see you soon Tree Two.

Gosh, that must be one of the most adorable pictures of me I’ve ever found.

Entry #5, Dec. 11

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Tree Two got so mad at me the other night that he decided to leave the bed and sleep on the couch. It’s possible he may have had other reasons, but I’m pretty sure it was because I was being a total scumbag that night. Being the cause of several bites and scratches will easily grant you the title of scumbag. I revel in it.

In all seriousness I really don’t mind these two at all, but I can’t help it, and I’ve tried to explain it before. Witnessing these walking Trees, who have the power to turn me into kitty litter, take the abuse I lay upon them is fascinating.

I don’t know what got into me that night. Too much sleep during the day? Perhaps. Nevertheless, I began to disrupt their sleep with a flurry of quick attacks aimed at their feet. After a few pounces here, and a few bites there, things suddenly backfired on me.

A box I knocked off the table ended up stuck on my head. I’ll be honest, I panicked. For what seemed like an eternity, I was walking around with this box – which contains a bunch of pieces of paper the Trees blow their nose into, weird – stuck on my head. Luckily, Tree One realized I was in trouble, and came to my rescue. I wonder if this is something other Trees would do after being pushed to their limits? Or have I established some form of special ¬†bond with them, granting me protection from all harm? Well of course I have, what a silly question. I am adorable.