Mayor Hazel McCallion, and the future of Mississauga | Humber News

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I had the opportunity to interview Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion for Humber News.

She offered some advice for those hoping to enter the political scene, while expressing her concern over property taxes, and talked about her plans for the future.

The mayor also talked about a wide range of other topics, from her early years in office, challenges she’s faced over the years as mayor, and even hockey. You can watch the three minute piece I put together below:


Watch the full-length interview with Hazel here:


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Featured image taken by Victoria Quiroz



Lunch Breaks is back!

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The Lunch Breaks duo is back at CG Magazine, and this week, James and I play some Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition in preparation for this year’s Ultra Street Fighter 4 release. We talk about fighting games, more fighting games, and … Rocket Raccoon?

Lunch Breaks, Dec. 13

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This is the last Lunch Breaks episode James and I did at CG Magazine. We were experimenting with live stream  capabilities and other recording methods, and unfortunately the audio quality – usually on my mic – is a bit poor at times. Sorry about that. You can still witness the struggles James and I endured while playing Grand Turismo 6 after a mouthful of habanero peppers. Those were real peppers by the way, and the pain was equally real.

Big shout out to Scott Dixon and Jo Enaje, both are members of the CG Magazine crew, and helped us every week with these videos. It was a helluva fun time.


Lunch Breaks, Nov. 8

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Tune in till the end to find out what we are giving away this week! More details at…

James and I dive into Zone of the Enders HD, and talk about mech games in preperation for Titanfall.

Also, last weeks contest winner is revealed. Lucky winner Sarah Grace will be taking home some awesome Batman swag!