Entry #17, March 18

Eleanor's Blog


The battle to stay alive continues ever since scheduled meals entered my life.

Okay I’m obviously not doing that poorly, if anything I’ve slowly grown accustomed to it, even developed a strategy to ration each meal accordingly. Nevertheless, this bizarre move on the Trees’ part has had me go crazy many times over the past week. The Trees could easily prove this by showing the scars on their body.

I mentioned the strategy I now have when it comes to eating my food – how sad is that – and it mainly involves me eating the larger chunks of dry food first, the ones the Trees mix in with the regular stuff. There’s usually only four or five pieces of the big ones, but they’re a good start. Then I hold off on any food consumption for a solid few hours. I then eat a few nibbles every 30 minutes or so until it’s gone. If the trees don’t put more food into my bowl shortly after it runs out, I start biting and scratching things.

In happier news, I’ve successfully explored every inch of our pen. The last unexplored area, which eluded me all these months, was conquered after I climbed up their clothing in the small storage space it resided in. Once I reached the top, I was untouchable . Tree One even tried to spray me with the bottle, demanding me to come down. The water hardly touched me. I was parked perfectly at the top on a mountain of clothing. It was fascinating.


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