Entry # 16, March 8

Eleanor's Blog


So the Trees have started to put a limit on how much I eat now. How infuriating.

No longer can I just go to my bowl and expect to see food 95 per cent of the time. No, they had to take that away, and now I eat in the morning, later in the afternoon, and late at night. I’m having none of this.

I just don’t understand why this had to happen. Is this because of the bites and scratches I inflict on the Trees? Turning my food into clockwork seems like an extreme countermeasure. It’s actually making me even more upset, and I’m sure they will soon realize they’re plan will not stop me from being crazy. I’ve pulled wires out of the wall, destroyed a section of the carpet, today I scratched Tree One sooo badly, and it’s not going to stop. Nope. It won’t. IT WON’T!

Scheduled meals are completely unnecessary! Even Tree Two, who I thought would be the one ignoring my scheduled eating nonsense, is following this STUPID timetable. Yesterday he was about to fill my bowl with food, and upon Tree One’s last second announcement declaring she had fed me an hour ago, he put the damn bag away and said, “sorry Ellie.” SORRY ELLIE?! You disappoint me Tree Two.

No, don’t be sorry, just feed me. Better yet, just have the bowl full at all times like you did before. What was wrong with that? There’s no way I would ever let myself go and become a monstrous fat wrecking ball. That would be interesting though; could I cause more destruction if I was bigger? Would it be harder for Tree One and Two to contain me? I need more food in my tummy to find out.

A lot more food in my tummy.


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