Marvel’s Lovebirds – Rocket Raccoon and Lylla

Marvel's Lovebirds

The buzz surrounding Marvel’s eccentric super hero group, the Guardians of the Galaxy, has also matched the excitement surrounding its furriest member, Rocket Raccoon. Does he have a love interest you might ask, otherwise why bring him up in a lovebirds post? He certainly does, and her name is Lylla. She is a sentient animal like Rocket, except she’s an otter.

The two are from the planet Halfworld, a planet that houses thousands of mentally ill humanoids, and is separated from the rest of the galaxy with an impenetrable force field. Two big-time toy makers on the planet create a variety of playthings for the planet’s patients. One of the animal toy makers is the mole Judson Jake, the other the reptilian Lord Dyvyne.

Though not much is known about our two lovebirds, perhaps the most noteworthy story showcasing their love for each other involves Lylla’s kidnapping, and Rocket’s quest to get her back. When Judson Jake and Lord Dyvyne battle for market share, Lylla, who is Judson’s niece, is abducted on Dyvyne’s orders. This infuriates our raccoon hero, who sets out to rescue Lylla, and effectively put an end to the ongoing war between the two toy makers.

Rocket Raccoon #1, May 1985

Rocket Raccoon #1, May 1985

Rocket discovers that a book he’s been trying to decipher for a while called the Halfworld Bible, is actually a journal belonging to the original settlers of the planet. It outlines how the world was set up as a lunatic asylum, and the talking animals were bred to entertain the mentally ill, but over time, evolved and developed the intelligence necessary to protect them.

He decides to take the book to the robots that live on the other half of the planet, who build helmets that cure all of the mentally ill patients. And to clarify, these patients are actually descendants of the original patients who landed on the planet generations ago.

With the planets inhabitants cured of their mental illnesses, the two toy makers are left to fight over nothing, and Rocket is able to reunite himself with his soul mate Lylla.

As mentioned before, not too much is known about their relationship, and the story surrounding her kidnapping is quite silly – the depiction of Halfworld’s mentally ill is also handled quite carelessly – but just look at them … 


… adorbs.


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