Entry #13, Feb. 5

Eleanor's Blog


My lack of entries recently can be attributed to my latest quest: Discover new ways to infuriate Tree One and Two.

I went through an alarming phase where I was actually being good, foolishly thinking I needed a break from being yelled at. When I realized this was eating my soul, I immediately scoured our pen high and low, looking for anything new to use to my advantage.

In short time, the nest of wires in the one corner became my target. Chew them I did, and hilarity ensued, as Tree One yelled at me and flailed his arms around. The amusement grew to another level when I discovered the cables prevented him from reaching me if I sat far enough into the corner. As I sat there chewing cables and having a good time, I thought about how lucky I was. Seeing the amount of effort these Trees put into keeping me entertained, not to mention alive, is quite astounding. I don’t know where I would be without them.

I appreciate their efforts, and I reward them with cuddles. Any naughty behaviour on my part is forgiven with a few licks on the nose and a snuggle party here and there. Simple mind, simple pleasures.


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